If you're like me, you love fabrics with cool prints. But have you ever stopped to think about where the fabric design comes from? Often, I'll find inspiration for my prints in nature or from stories about people and cultures.

When I was creating  this fabric line, I wanted to find a print that had a special meaning to me. One of my favourite prints in the line is inspired one of our most endangered species.

While most people might think that the plight of endangered species is depressing, I find it inspiring. There are so many animals out there facing extinction, and yet we as humans continue to destroy their habitats. It's heart-breaking, but also motivating to see people fighting for these animals and their habitats.

That's why this particular print means so much to me- it represents the fight against extinction and human destruction. Every time I wear a piece from this range,  I will feel like I'm wearing a little piece of hope for the future of these animals. And hopefully more people will become inspired to help protect them too.

Today, I'd like to share with you one of my recent fabric designs and tell you the story behind it.


Sibella was a cheetah that was born in the wild in South Africa's North West Province. She was nearly killed by the hands of hunters, mauled by dogs her tendons ripped off her hind legs and rope was thrust into her mouth, and she was savagely beaten locked in a cage to die

Fortunately, Sibella was rescued and saved by De Wildt Cheetah and Wildlife Trust. In December 2003 Sibella began a new chapter when she was flown to Samara along with two male cheetah. Through their care and rehabilitation, Sibella regained the use of her legs and was able to return to the wild where she belonged.

The story of Sibella's resilience and determination struck a chord with many of the Samara guests that saw her, and tens of thousands that read about her in magazines and newspapers worldwide.

In honor of this cheetah's story, I was inspired to create these beautiful designs. I would like to thank the artist named Caron Mackenzie and digital designer Tessa Quin for their help in making this possible.

Check out the Full Story : SAMARA Karroo Reserve _ Sibella"s Story


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