First and foremost, I am a Mother and Grandmother who enjoys life to the fullest. Everyday is a new day, a new adventure and I grab it with both hands.

My Motto:
To succeed, you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you. Have FAITH and believe in yourself.

Everything I know is self taught, and I mean everything.

I love what I do! It excites me.

Changing woman's lives is my passion, teaching them to self- love. Being short and round, I know how it can feel.  After running my own store for over 26 years, I learnt what works for different body types.

I learnt to understand and have empathy for my customers needs. I listened well and I listened some more.

I developed ranges first that worked for me, my round short voluptuous body. What worked for me starting working for my clients.

Most of our fabric's are designed in house and there is always a story behind each fabric that we design. We believe in slow fashion, offering exclusive limited volumes in each style, we don't mass produce, which makes us unique. I believe the strongest fashion statement any woman can make is expressing individuality. 

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