Enhance Your Shape By Wearing The Correct Under Garment Part One

Choosing the right underwear can help you feel sexy and comfortable. Make sure that these items enhance your shape by creating proportions in which make one look slimmer, toned or more curvy The types of underwear you wear can make a world of difference in how your clothes fit.

 There are many types of underwear for all shapes and sizes to choose from. Most people shop by type before they even look at what fits their body best, but it's important not only know the difference between each style (briefs vs briefs) , you should also take into consideration how much coverage each provides as well!

 Types of Underwear

Most people shop for lingerie by name, before we look at which underwear suits your body shape, the first step is for you to understand the difference of each style.


These are the most “traditional” type of underwear. They are typically high rise. Because they offer the most coverage, sometimes they are also called the “granny panty”.


They are the cutest and most admired underwear style; however, they are the most delicate and don’t bring out the best of most body shapes.

Since bikinis are low cut, they offer less coverage compared to other underwear styles.

Boy shorts

They are identical to shorts that volleyball players wear. They have low leg openings.

There are low rise and high rise boy shorts available on the market. The high rise boy shorts are the most comfortable as they have full coverage on the back.


Braves are your saviour as they have a high rise and this will take care of the love handles.These are somewhere in between two different underwear styles: bikinis and boy shorts. They have more coverage than bikinis but less than the boy shorts.

Typically, hipsters do not cover the navel and usually lie a few inches below the navel.


They have a low rise and tend to be open at the back, giving less coverage. You have to be extra careful and concerned about your body shape when it comes to these. These don’t favor most body shapes.


By definition, the thong style of underwear is made of a larger front and smaller back triangle, connected by a band, whether wide or thin, with little to no cheek coverage.

Apple Body Shape

It is quite common that many plus sized ladies have an apple body type, but you can be any size and still be an apple. Even when the apple is skinny, you still may have a protruding stomach.


Since the apple shaped lady typically has a rounded tummy, it is critical you choose a high waisted underwear style such as the high rise brief or the high rise boy shorts.

The probability of you having a flat bum is very high, and therefore choose underwear that has less coverage in the back to avoid excessive fabric that will show in tight leggings. In that case, go for a high-rise underwear that also have a high leg cut. Underwear that rolls down after wearing indicate that they are too small, and replacing them with the correct sizes would be the best decision ever.


Having low-rise underwear such as bikinis is suicidal, as it will make you feel shapeless because your stomach area tends to protrude.

Avoid underwear below your navel like the hipsters, as this will make your stomach pop out.

A common underwear issue for the apple shape is it tends to roll down. These are the most awkward problem you can ever experience with underwear. When you are in a public place like a shopping mall, it can be very stressful.

Hour Glass Body Shape

You have the most coveted body type, but when it comes to the underwear, the hourglass also faces unique challenges.


Hipsters are ideal for you as they combine boy shorts and bikinis. This will give you more coverage and style.

Lace underwear that has high leg cuts is also suitable for you. You can choose different lace styles and rock them.

Many hourglass shaped women have a longer rise, if that is your case, high waisted briefs can be the most comfortable for your shape.


Because the hourglass have rounded and full hips, a common issue is your underwear tend to creep up on the back.

If you have less coverage on your backside, you definitely will have underwear that creeps. Go for comfortable styles of your exact size.

To completely  eliminate the creeping issue, you can also go with thongs. If you are comfortable with wearing thongs, these can be the most invisible underwear.

 Pear Body Shape

The key for the pear shaped women to find the best underwear is to look for designs that accommodate your small waist, wide hips and thicker thighs at the same time.


If you are a pear with a longer waist, briefs are the best for you as they give more coverage than bikinis and cheeky.

 If you are not a long waisted pear, you can try the different hipster designs available in the market in different colours to break the monotony of your drawer. Feel all sexy by rocking the right underwear for your body shape.


You might be tempted to try boy shorts, but this isn’t the best for the pear shape.

They will cause strains as your hip area is large

You probably will also feel restrictive in the thighs.

Since they are long, you may also see them showing under your jeans


Having a rectangle body shape implies your body goes straight up and down, and you do not have a natural waist definition. Rectangle body shape tends to have a shorter rise.


You have no restrictions when it comes to underwear, so you can go with underwear with a lower rise and that gives less coverage such as bikinis. These will be so comfortable and will also make you feel sexy and different from the normal underwear

Cheeky’s  are also a good idea as they also give less coverage and you won’t have to worry about visible panty lines.


Please don’t go with braves as you might notice too much coverage and too much fabric at the back of your hips and, this means there will be visible panty lines and this won’t look good when you wearing jeans.

 Inverted Triangle

Inverted triangle body shape typically has narrow hips and your waist is not defined.


Boy shorts are a plus for you and getting the right size is very important. Ensure that the boy short is comfortable and it makes you feel good while rocking them.

You can also try bikinis and cheeky as they give less coverage and as long as you get the right size there won’t be cases of visible panty lines.


Avoid underwear that offer full coverage such as braves. These will make your butt look more flat as there will be a lot of extra fabric.

 Muffin Top

You could be any body shape and have a muffin top. It’s common that we can get midriffs when we gain weight, but this can also happen when you don’t get the right underwear for your body type.

A lot of women go through this and very few have the knowledge of underwear and how to solve this problem.


Getting underwear that has full coverage is the best decision you can ever make if you have a muffin top.

The full-coverage underwear will cover the fat that is extending horizontally over the edges of the waistline.


Bikinis and cheeky are a no-no for you.

This is because they have a low rise and this will make your muffin top more visible especially when

Long waist

Having a long waist can make it tricky to find the right underwear. Since your rise is long, the first and foremost is to make sure you pay close attention to the rise of the underwear in order to accommodate your body shape.


Underwear that has a high rise are the best for you. The traditional briefs are one of the most comfortable underwear for your body shape.

This is because they offer full coverage and will cover your navel with no room for uncomfortableness. You can also try underwear that has a high leg cut just to have a better and more comfortable finish.

Some thongs can work with women with a longer waist. If you are used to wearing a thong, these can be a great option as they also eliminate any panty lines.


Anything with a low rise such as bikini, hipster, cheeky.

Go ahead take some time out today (or tomorrow)and shop around at different stores until find exactly what suits YOU best

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