8 Stylish Ways to Layer Your Maxi Dress This Winter

The winter season doesn’t mean you need to break the bank for new clothes. With some creativity, you can find ways to transition your warm-weather items into cold-weather styles.
A maxi dress is a staple piece that can be styled with other pieces in your wardrobe to create tons of different looks.
Let’s take a closer look at 8 stylish ways to layer your maxi dress this winter.
1. Turtleneck and Overcoat – Layer a turtleneck underneath your maxi dress and pair it with an overcoat for a classic, sophisticated look. Finish off the look with ankle boots or booties.
2. The Casual Look: Layer the teddy coat over the maxi dress for a casual look that will keep you warm all winter long. Wear a long sleeve sweater or fitted t Shirt under the maxi Dress. Add some heeled boots or sneakers for a laid back vibe. Accessorize with your CC scarf and clutch crossbody bag for added warmth and style points. 
Button Front Collard Teddy Coat / Hot Pink Luxe Rayon Long Sleeve V-Neck Dolphin Hem Top / Hot Pink Lace Trim Ruffle V-Neck Maxi Dress / CC Scarf / Aztec Patterned Clutch CrossBody Bag
3. Sweater and Denim Jacket – Wrap up warm with this classic combo! Layer a sweater underneath your maxi dress, throw on a denim jacket, add some sneakers, and voilà! You have yourself an easy but stylish winter outfit.
4. Long Sleeve Top and Leather Jacket – If you’re looking for something more edgy, try pairing a long sleeve top underneath your maxi dress and topping it off with a leather jacket or moto jacket. Finish the look with heeled booties or combat boots for the perfect rock ‘n roll style!
5. Turtle Neck Sweater – If you want to go all out on the layers, try wearing our Dropped Shoulder Rolled Hem Sweater! Wear our Hyfve button down drop shoulder jacket  over our Long Slip Luxury Knit Dress  for an ultra-cozy yet fashionable look this season!
6. Cardigan/Sweater Vest – Create an effortless but put together look by layering a cardigan or sweater vest overt the op of your maxi dress. Complete the outfit with neutral colored slip ons or ballet flats for comfort & style all day long!
7. Fitted Tee Shirt – Take advantage of cooler weather by adding another layer under your maxi dress—a fitted tee shirt will do the trick! To keep things interesting mix up the colors & prints between both pieces of clothing & finish off the look with wedge sandals or gladiator sandals
8 . Graphic Tee Shirt – For those days when you want to be comfy but still make sure all eyes are on you, try styling our Hot pink lace trim ruffle vneck maxi dress with one of our graphic tees & accessorize it with our CC scarf & Aztec patterned clutch crossbody bag!
Waffle - Knit Dopo Shoukder Button Down Cardigan / Hot PInk Lace Trim Ruffle
V Neck Maxi Dres /  V-Neck Drop Shoulder Loose Fitting Multi Pattern Sweater / Pink Shawl / Woya Moya Long Strand Necklace/ Vegan Leather Studded Handbag
Transitioning from fall into winter doesn’t have to be boring or expensive—it can be fun if you know how to do it right! A maxi dress is versatile enough that you can create tons of different combinations with other pieces in your wardrobe easily & affordably so don't hesitate to get creative this season & start layering up in style! Try out these 8 stylish ways to layer your maxi dress this winter & let us know which one was your favorite in the comments below! Happy styling!.

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